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We are a living history and reenactment organization located on the East Coast that is committed to representing the Royal Italian Army in the First World War.  Our goal is to accurately portray the typical Italian regiment; including infantry and Arditi.  We seek to accurately recreate the appearance, duties, and life of the front for the Royal Italian army.  

Our organization specifically reenacts the Salerno Brigade of the 89/90th Regiment of infantry, if you are wanting to learn more we have a section on the website depicting the whole history of the unit during the war.  We reenact both campaigns of the Italian army from the Italian front in late 1916 through the stationing on the Western front in 1918 


If you want to join the ranks of our reenactment community, go to our contact page or message our Facebook page and our recruitment officer will place you in the unit.  Avanti Savoia! 

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